Adopting a discourse of faith, not deficiency

Jamey Gallagher, affiliated with the Community College of Baltimore County, authored a piece that urges faculty to consider adopting a discourse of faith in students, not on students’ deficiencies.  Gallagher suggests that discourse of faith and discourse of deficiency are, indeed, in conflict with one another, but that turning to holistic pedagogies that embrace students is necessary.  Although community college and developmental students are often considered deficient, reflected in the way “underprepared” is used to describe those in dev ed, innovative approaches to delivering education encourage faculty to move beyond deficiency.  As Gallagher writes of dev ed students:

The students who end up in our developmental education classes may not understand MLA format, but they understand something deeper and richer.  They may not have trained their critical thinking faculties, but they have thought critically.

Certainly, such statements conjure images of students who,  while underprepared,  are not deficient,  but in need of assistance and deserve our faith and support.

Source: Faculty Focus


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