Community college in Oregon looks to streamlining dev ed sequences

A recent study conducted by REL Northwest found that about 73% of those who graduated high school and enrolled in a community college in Oregon took at least one developmental course.  The organization suggested that poor performance on placement tests is one reason for the high percentage of developmental course takers.  To address this issue, the Oregon Community College Association, which oversees 17 institutions, began designing changes for purposes of streamlining dev ed course sequences.

Recommended changes include combining dev ed courses to shorten sequences; new math and writing courses for non-STEM and professional/technical students, respectively; and making advising and orientation required for students in dev ed.  So far, some of these revisions have since been implemented and one college (Central Oregon Community College) has applied for a $2.5 m federal grant to help fund improvements to academic advising.  Other Oregon colleges are redesigning dev ed and using co-requisite models, and the state government recently passed  a bill to require educational entities to oversee placement in community college courses.

Source:  The Bulletin


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